Our works

Here are a few of our many TV commercials, national radio hits and movie trailers we worked on since 2008

TV commercials

Some rival studio from Estonia stole our archives last night. Tomorrow we're going to Tallin. Untill then, please enjoy these few! :)

McDonald’s Maestro

voice, sound, mix

Film Angels / TBWA


voice, sound, music, mix

Film Angels / WKND

Tele2 - Fresh Air, Estonia

voice, sound, music, mix

Not Perfect / Film Angels

Lattelecom Opera

We did: voice, sound design, mix
Client: Nonsense.tv

Soundigo headphones

We did: music, voice, mix
Client: Soundigo.net


We did: voice

Vivus (Swedish version)

We did: sound design and mix

VW Passat (Estonian version)

We did: voice, music, sound design
Client: Ozols IR

Spilva Tomato

We did: voices, sound design
Client: Ozols IR

Lattelecom TV

We did: voice, sound design, music
Client: Nonsense.tv 

Neste & Prāta Vētra

We did: voice, sound design
Client: Adell 

Tele2 Business

We did: music
Client: Not Perfect

Radio hits

One of these is the most frequently played song on national radio stations. For real. Contact us and we'll tell you which one was it :)

Ozols - Pavasaris

recording, production, mix

Samanta Tina - Still Breathing

Mix and master

Laika Suns - Dažas no meitenēm

Production, mix and master

Laika Suns - Smagā deja

production, mix, mastering

Bandmaster - Us

recording, mix and mastering

Dons - Pēdējā vēstule

recording, production and mix

Bandmaster - Get live

recording, production, mix, mastering

Laika Suns - Ir jau vēls

recording, production, mix

Justs - Have it all

production, mix, mastering

Chris Noah - Had it all

mix, mastering

Astro'n'out - Atskatos

production, mix, mastering

VIŅA - Uguns (prod. DJ Rudd)

production, mix, mastering


Budget or no budget but cinema should never die. And we'll stand by it!


We did: sound design and post
Director: Roberts Kuļenko

Rocks in my pockets

We did: sound recording and post 
Director: Signe Baumane

Piens Fest : Praktiskā anatomija iesācējiem

We did: sound design and post
Director: Oskars Rupenheits


We did: sound recording and post
Directors: Raitis & Lauris Ābeles

Rīgas kungi

We did: post production and music
Director: Adriana Roze