Commercials We create all of the sound. Our friends next door do the rest. This is how audiovisual production looks like in Riga.

Lattelecom Opera

We did: voice, sound design, mix

Spilva Tomato

We did: voices, sound design
Client: Ozols IR

VW Passat (Estonian version)

We did: voice, music, sound design
Client: Ozols IR

More: our works

Audio for RADIO commercials We love radio format as it leaves us with sound only and promotes us to be directors of an imaginative play on an invisible stage!

Radio Pieci ID (Latvian)

MUTE: voice, sound design
Client: Latvian State Radio

VW Passat (Estonian)

MUTE: voice, sound design, music
Client: Ozols IR

Škoda Octavia (Russian)

MUTE: voice, sound design
Client: Škoda Latvia

Meet our team We're a compact bunch of idealists on our way through the complexity of life. And as it irreversibly takes us closer to forty we think we start to understand it.

Arnis Račinskis

Sound and deals

  • vo: 10.000
  • radio hits: 10
  • motorcycle: 70.000 km

Līga Putniņa

Projects and deals

  • estimates: 3.000.000
  • catastrophes avoided: 1.000
  • cats: 1

Andis Ansons


  • ads: 1.000.000
  • beats: 1.000
  • kids: 7

About Mute Studija

Mute has recorded thousands of TV and radio commercials, produced hundreds of musical themes for big and small brands, as well as discovered the best voice talents in Latvian, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian and English language. By the way - "mute" means mouth in Latvian!
Back in 2008, when streets were stormed with financial crisis, a guy quit his job, sold his car and started a new company. That’s how Mute was born. Since then Mute has become one of the leading sound recording studios in Latvia and a laboratory for experiments related to the meaning of life :)
We compose and record for many local bands. Turn on the radio and come to the gigs - we happen to be part of some of these bands. We favor Neumann, Sennhaiser, UA and Focusrite mics and amps, monitor on Focals and we've spent a small fortune on plugins, guitars and synths.

Brands We have been trusted with the most expensive campaigns of Baltic market. And we're looking forward to keep it that way.

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